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All About Max

Posted on Thursday, July 15, 2021

Max, came to our lives 10 years ago. A typical yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier)- smart, cheeky and a bit bossy. Being male certainly amplifies the smart and cheekiness associated with a yorkie. But instead of having an alpha-male like dominance, Max is more of a softy. He’s affectionate and have a very “soft” personality. It’s so soft that we ended up calling him Mei-Mei instead. All our dogs came to us as part of our family. Max aka Mei-Mei, is no different. We love and adore him all the same. His love and affection to us is also unquestionable.

As pet lovers (we try not use the word “owner”), when we bring our pet into pur lives, it is meant to be forever i.e. for the rest of our lives. As their “foster” family, we should endeavor to provide the nest care and love possible to them. To love your pets, is also to provide the best premium pet food to them. In this respect, we, at Pets United, treat your pets like our own pets – ie we only procure the best premium pet food for our beloved pets.

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