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Carnilove Semi-Moist Sardine enriched with Parsley for Cats 50g

12 pcs bulk sale


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12 x Carnilove Semi-Moist Sardine enriched with Parsley for Cats 50g

Delicious soft snack suitable for all cats. With parsley for healthy digestion.

For every order, Pets United will make a RM1 Donation to support the animal welfare.
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Composition: 40% dried sardines, yellow peas, liquid vegetable starch, sardine gravy, poultry liver gravy, collagen, 1% parsley, salmon oil

Analytical ingredients: crude protein 33.0 %, fat content 5.0 %, moisture 17.0 %, crude ash 8.0 %, crude fibre 1.0 %, calcium 0.8 %, phosphorus 0.7 %, omega-3 0.4 %, omega-6 0.5 %. With natural preservatives: citric acid, DL-malic acid.

Feeding Guide: 

carnilove sardines soft snack cat feeding guide

Use semi-moist snacks as a reward to help build a strong relationship with your cat. Serve from the hand and enjoy some special time together. Don’t forget to have a bowl of fresh water available for your feline companion.


Additional information

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About Carnilove for Cats

grain free

Grain Free & Potato Free

forest fruits

Forest fruits, vegetables, herbs

salmon oil

Salmon Oil


Chicory Root , Sea Algae

crustacean shells

Crustacean shells, cartilage extract

Brewer's yeast, psyllium, yucca schidigera
wild meat

Wild-origin meats

Carnilove has been formulated with respect for cats’ natural dietary needs.

Grain-free formulas rich in wild-origin meats, such as salmon, turkey, duck, pheasant, lamb, reindeer, and wild boar, and containing forest fruits and herbs provide essential proteins, fats, vitamins, and natural antioxidants for perfect physical condition and immune system support.

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