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NZPAP Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Cat Food


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Fresh Meat is rich in high-quality protein, fats and nutrients. Freeze-dried meat granules retain the most amount of natural flavours and nutrients from the ingredients. Thus, it is beneficial for your pet's health. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxdants. Protein and fat are good sources of energy for your pets.

This Product is made of imported and high-quality ingredients, such as selected chicken, beef and Peru fish meal, and other fruits and vegetables. This product does not contained any corn, wheat, soybean or any allergenic raw ingredients. Its hypoallergenic and easy-to-absorb formula would help resulting a happier and healthier pet.

Taurine provides the nutrients needed by the eyes. It preserve the retinal cells to function properly, prevent impaired vision and even blindness (feline central retinal degeneration).


For every order, Pets United will make a RM1 Donation to support the animal welfare.
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* Healthy skin and shiny coat
* Keeping cats lean and muscular grow
* Enhance nutrition & calcium absorption
* Healthy eyes
* Helps cats produce antibodies & enzymes that promote cell regeneration and support the immune system


* Grain-free
* Freezing technology, lock nutrition (one portion freeze-dried meat provides 5 times as much nutrition as fresh meat)
* Natural fresh meat
* Deep sea fish contains high-quality protein
* 100% No pork & no lard

Raw materials:

Selected imported chicken meal, beef meal, beef bone meal, imported Peru fish meal, duck meal, chicken oil, beef tallow, pumpkin powder, potato powder, tapioca flour, pea powder, beef pulp, compound condiment for pet food, freeze-dried chicken breast granules.

Composition analysis:

crude protein 35.0%, crude fat 9.0%,crude ash 10% crude fibre 9.0%, calcium 1.0% ,phosphorus 0.8%, water-soluble cloride 0.3%, Taurine 0.1%, moisture 10.0%.

Nutritional Additives:

Vitamin A,vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin E, vitamin D3, taurine, selenium yeast, amino acid iron complex,carotene,probiotics, lecithin, antioxidants, manganese sulfate, sodium chloride,zinc sulfate,choline chloride,minerals.


In order to let pet’s stomach adapt better when changing food and reduce intestinal stress response,please mix this product with the original food before feeding.Reduce the amount of the original food gradually within 7 days until full use of the product.


25%                       50%                       75%                       100%

First Day                Third Day              Fifth Day             Seventh Day






Amount Reference

Cat weight Daily Feeding Amount
≤2kg 55g
2-3kg 90g
3-4kg 105g
4-5kg 150g
>5kg 175g




1.Feed 3 to 4 times a day according to daily feeding amount.
2.No artificial coloring is added to NZPAP cat food. Product color may slightly change due to seasonal change. However, quality of the product is not affected.
3.The ideal feeding amount depends on the pet’s age, activity amount, temperature and environment.
4.This product is recommended to serve along with clean water.
5.This product is NOT suitable for ruminants.



Please store this product in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Consume as soon as possible after opening and the remaining product should be kept sealed.


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500g, 1.5kg

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