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NZPAP Newborn Cat Litter - Watermelon 6L


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NZPAP Newborn cat litter is specially formulated suitable all range of cat. It is harmless when consume and also environmental friendly.

NZPAP Newborn cat litter is composed of natural plant-derived particles. Cat owners will also notice less tracking and your cats will enjoy an ultra-soft texture that is more comfortable for their sensitive paws. It keeps your cat remain healthy and safe as well.

These are just a few of the amazing features that our NZPAP Newborn Cat Litter can do! And because our harmless formulas, you can rest easy knowing that your cat will not be harmed in any way.

For every order, Pets United will make a RM1 Donation to support the animal welfare.

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✔Swallowed harmless, protect intestines and respiratory system
✔Flushable through toilet bowl, highly water soluble, it’s so easy!  (Save the trouble from going outside your house to dispose.)
✔Incredible odor control
✔Anti tracking no mess
✔Environmental friendly and safe to use


* No preservatives, Less adhesive
* Prebiotic Protection
* Flushable and easy to dispose
* Fast Clumping
* Fast Absorb
* Anti-Bacterial
* Odor control
* Anti tracking no mess
* Environmental friendly and safe to use


Food grade bean dregs, corn, starch, guar gum, No artificial additives, it smell fresh and natural.

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