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Savic Andes 7 Travelling Box Ivory Antracite (For 45 KG)


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The Andes is housetraining and travelling box, recommended for dogs.

The box, made from sturdy plastic, has a number of important features such as: ventilation grids in chrome on 3 sides, chrome door with easy to use squeeze-latches, self-locking catches with security blocking system, plastic feeding bowl, stackable when not in use, wing nut fasteners for extra security and inside moat which capture fluid to keep the pet dry.

The Andes box with 2 handles and 4 wheels ( 2 with brake) meets IATA standards and can be used for travelling with your pet by plane, car, boat or train.

For every order, Pets United will make a RM1 Donation to support the animal welfare.
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  • perfect for transport or housetraining
  • meets IATA standards
  • ventilation grids in chrome on 3 sides
  • wing nut fasteners for security
  • easy to use squeeze-latches
  • chrome door
  • inside moat captures fluids to keep pet dry
  • wheels (2 with brake) and feeding bowl included
  • self-locking catches with security blocking system
  • stackable when not in use
  • 2 options to install the front door, door can be installed to swing open to the left or right
  • Andes 7 is recommended for large and extra-large sized dogs weighing up to 45 kg
  • The recommendation is for guidance only, within each breed dogs can vary in size considerably. It’s important to choose the right crate for your dog. The dog must be able to stand and turn around in the box.


  •  Length: 100cm
  •  Width: 67cm
  •  Height: 80cm

Additional information

Weight 107.2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 67 × 80 cm

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