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Savic Pet Enigma Feeding Bowl


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Cats and dogs are hunters by nature and like to work for their food. So a feeding bowl is actually very boring for them because they have nothing to sneak up on, no mice to track down and no excitement of the chase.

Thankfully, you can recreate this sensation of “working for food” with the Enigma feeding bowls. You can offer the food in a way that causes your cat or dog to work for it. This is referred to as food enrichment.

The Enigma feeding bowl is available in 2 sizes, medium and large, and 2 levels.

Food enrichment offers several advantages:

  • prevents boredom and avoids behavioural problems
  • helps to reduce stress
  • offers the opportunity to display natural behaviour
  • makes sure cats and dogs do not gobble their food
  • helps to improve digestion and reduces the likelihood of gastric dilatation and vomiting
  • reduces the chance of obesity
  • activates, stimulates and improves concentration
  • it is fun, helps to improve confidence and offers variety
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  • interactive intelligence toy for cats and small dogs
  • made of high-quality materials
  • with non-slip rim on the outer ring for added sturdiness and stability
  • easy to dismantle and clean, not dishwasher safe
  • stimulates the natural instinct of the cat or dog to work for its food. This is called food enrichment.
  • food enrichment has many benefits:
  • combats boredom and helps prevent behavioural problems
  • reduces stress
  • allows the pet to display its natural behaviour
  • stops the cat or dog from gobbling its food, leads to improved digestion and reduces the risk of bloating and vomiting
  • reduces the chance of obesity
  • activates, stimulates and enhances the concentration
  • is fun, gives a sense of self-confidence and offers variety

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